Kyiv City Association of Industry, Construction, Transport and Communications. Association “Kyiv” was created as an independent autonomous organization under the decision of the inaugural conference of the City and recorded May 13, 1991 Kyiv City Council deputies.

    Its founders were the Kiev City Council deputies and 19 major industrial companies, construction companies, transport companies, communication companies and banks.

       Association ” Kyiv ” – today it is non-political, non-commercial, non-profit , voluntary association of public enterprises, institutions and organizations united to coordinate activities and mutual cooperation in scientific, industrial – economic and social areas , deepening specialization and cooperation , creation of conditions for free choice of ownership entities, their equitable operation of free competition, the creation of appropriate conditions and external organizational – economic structures based on the association of their intellectual labor of financial and material resources, to protect the interests of the business community and members Association.

Association “Kyiv” for many years successfully cooperating with the Administration of the President of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (USPP), the Council of Entrepreneurs under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Kyiv State Administration, Kyiv council deputies, by the Trade Unions of Ukraine, government and executive bodies of Ukraine and Kiev.

The association of more than 200 companies and organizations representing various industries, construction, transport, communications, banking, insurance, advertising and publishing business, the production of pharmaceuticals, science, defense industry, computers, radar, Food, Environment and Ecology, local government and municipal property, leisure and entertainment businesses, law enforcement agencies and security businesses, and other industries and businesses.

Companies – members of the Association ” Kyiv ” is well known not only in Kiev , Ukraine , but also abroad. This SSPE “Electronmash”, State Aircraft Manufacturing Concern “Antonov “, SE “PA ” Kievpribor “, JSC ” Plant ” Mayak”, JSC ” Farmak “, JSC ” Fanplit “, JSC ” Ukranalit “, JSC ” Pharmaceutical company ” Darnitsya “, SE ” Generator”, JSC ” Otis “, DP NDI “Quantum “, SE ” SRI RS     ” Quantum – Radar “, JSC” Meridian “them. Sergei Korolev , ” HC” Kyivmiskbud”, HC” Kievhortrans “, PJSC” Kyivkhlib “, JSC” Lenin’s smithy “, JSC” NPP ” Saturn ” SJSHC ” Art “, JSC “Plant im.Petrovskoho “, PJSC ” Kyiv Radio , ” SE” armored factory “, SE” KRF ” Petrel “, CE ” Kievpastrans “, JSC ” Kyivkhimvolokno “, SE ” Generator”, ME ” Kyiv underground”, JSC ” Kyivmetrobud “, JSC ” Plant construction industry, ” Kyiv University of market Relations “, JSC ” Kiev confectionery factory” Roshen “, JSC SPC ” Science “, SPE” Rabitza” , ” SKTB DV ” Institute of Semiconductor Physics “,” Institute of Mathematical Machines and Systems ” NAS of Ukraine, PJSC” Kyiv Production company ” Rapid “, PJSC ” N.V.P ” “Bolshevik”, JSC ” Chinbar ” SE ” Engineering firm” Art “, PJSC” Todak “, JSC quo ” Medaparatura “, JSC” Kyiv factory ” Radar “, LLC ” Communication Group ” RTA “, LLC” Iteks “, JSC” UPTK “, LLC” SuperMash ” PP ” Scientific and production Company ” tok “, LLC ” biomedical systems ,” ME ” Radioizmeritel “, LLC ” Pectoral “, CJSC ” Ukrainian Institute of furniture , ” MPP ” Berkut “, JSC” Kyiv factory ” Radar “, LLC ” Gradostroi ” JV ” Adora “, JSC ” Rokva ” State Plant ” Radioizmeritel ” Collective PTOP ” Kyiv ” DVRZ , JSC ” Energoservice ” START ” Spetsmash “, JSC Bank ” Khreschatyk “, DELTASOFT GROUP Ltd., CJSC ” Insurance Company ” Brokbusiness ” SPA ” Water time” and others.

      For members of Association employs about 150,000 people.


They are building housing and other unique buildings, airplanes, ships, machinery, trolleys, motorcycles, producing equipment for military use, manufacture and automation devices, cameras, televisions, medical equipment, printed circuit boards, medicine, shoes, producing a wide variety of household goods .

Director and chief specialists of enterprises and organizations – Association members are actively involved in the preparation and revision of regulations – regulations on socio – economic issues.

Association members discussed proposals of the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs in adopting legislative acts of Ukraine. Board Association works closely with the USPP, heads of government agencies on improving the socio – economic status and Industrial Policy, Kyiv city state administration, local tax authorities, the State Property Fund, taxpayer organizations, Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine and Kiev, units State Customs, AMC, by the unions, who are active partners of the Association ” Kyiv “.

Association ” Kyiv “, both independently and with the involvement of the companies – members of the Association and other experts and specialists, helping businesses – members of the Association, both in Ukraine and from abroad, to organize their work in a business environment in Ukraine, implementation new technologies, energy-saving and innovative projects, optimizing the use of technology and process equipment companies – members of the Association for the optimization of production processes in order to create specialized formal and / or informal industrial associations to perform tasks facing businesses. Association      ” Kyiv “, on behalf of the companies – members of the Association conducts market research of Ukraine, organize advertising campaigns to promote products and services, makes the development and implementation of investment projects , environmental programs and environmental protection, or making existing expertise, helps to establish close ties with international organizations, foundations and financial institutions, potential foreign partners and business organizations conducted formal and informal meetings with representatives of legislative and executive authorities, local self-government, is able to verify the trustworthiness of potential business partners, both personally and entities. Virtually no issues where the Association ” Kyiv ” is not able to provide all possible assistance to enterprises – members of the Association, from Ukraine and from abroad.

The key to the efficient operation of the association is having the experience, professionalism and selfless work of its members at all levels.

Association “Kyiv”

vul.Baseyna, 1/2A, 4 floor, k.11, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01004

tel.: +380 44 234 05 40

m. : +380 50 384 36 89

fax: +38 044 236-60-93

Mайко (1)

Vitaly Mayko

President of the Assosiation “Kyiv”

Vice-president of the USPP

President of the KMAR

People’s Deputy of the

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

IV-V convocations

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